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security and technology

Security with AI

Private security has been challenged to become more pervasive, more ubiquitous and more active.
In the pursuit of these improvements, it is not uncommon to implement solutions based on professionals that significantly increase the cost of the service provider, and which reflects in the final price for customers, or in loss of profitability.
This dilemma has pushed quality private security to the richest segments of society and limited the offer of these premium services to immense market strata.


In the last decade, the evolution of artificial intelligence and cloud computing has enabled real-time video analytics with affordable performance and costs. That is, the interpretation of adverse events, without the need for a human observer, paved the way for new operating and business models in private security.

Scylla went to meet this market. It started its operations in 2018 in Austin, Texas. Since then, with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, it has been proposed to create solutions for the detection of objects, actions and behavior anomalies.

Detection and Monitoring

Detection Modules

  • The platform modules are:
Detecção e Monitoramento
  • Object detection
  • Intrusion detection and perimeter protection
  • Behavior recognition
  • Object traceability
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Drone security
  • Thermal screening
  • Facial recognition
  • Person search
  • False alarm filter

Scylla understands the value of human life and rigorously holds its values in all geographies. Its solutions are free from gender, race and ethnicity bias and the focus is on protecting innocent lives from threats, including high-impact threats such as terrorist attacks.

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